THERMA V Monobloc heat pumps

Displayed are two LG Therma V Monobloc outdoor units. A small rectangular one on the left and a larger two-stack unit on the right.

Why LG Monobloc

Space-efficient all-in-one

House warm with efficiency

LG ThinQ

Space-efficient all-in-one

Monobloc requires only water piping connections, eliminating the need for additional refrigerant piping work. This not only simplifies installation but also ensures a space-efficient solution in limited interior space.

LG Therma V outdoor unit on the house's side links to indoor space heaters and a water tank via red pipes, which also connect the tank to a bathtub.

House warm with efficiency

The energy-efficient R1 compressor increases the performance of heating and hot water while reducing costs. Additionally, the Monobloc offers a stable heating thanks to a wide operation range down to -15℃

A woman is holding a cup and book while covered with the while the LG Therma V outdoor unit and a glowing red radiator adorn the right side.

LG ThinQ

Experience the freedom of remote home management. The LG ThinQ app enables convenient temperature control and real-time energy consumption monitoring, optimizing overall home energy efficiency.

A smartphone showing the LG ThinQ app sits on the left, connected to an LG monobloc and WiFi modem on the right via a dotted line.

* Please note that a WiFi modem is required.

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