THERMA V Split heat pumps

LG THERMA V the product

Why LG Split

Flexible installation

Reliable heating

LG ThinQ

Flexible installation

Available in many sizes fit for any home, the refrigerant pipes extend up to 50m to seamlessly connect the indoor and outdoor unit. Wall-mounted or floor-standing type indoor unit with a water tank and hydronic components saves space in your home.

Diagram shows the hydro box linking the indoor and outdoor units with a water tank, whereas the right presents the integrated water tank connection.

Reliable heating

The Split system with R1 Compressor’s energy efficiency increases the performance and reliability of heating and hot water while reducing the cost. Refrigerant piping enables hydronic components to be located indoors, preventing pipes from freezing in winter.

The 3D floor plan reveals the LG outdoor unit on the far left and the indoor unit on the garage wall far right, interconnected by blue lines.

* Please note that Split 4/6 kW models are not supported by R1 Compressor.

LG ThinQ

Experience the freedom of remote home management. The LG ThinQ app enables convenient temperature control and real-time energy consumption monitoring, optimizing overall home energy efficiency.

A smartphone showing the LG ThinQ app sits on the left, connected to an LG air to water heat pump split and WiFi modem on the right via a dotted line.

* Please note that a WiFi modem is required.

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