The family is sitting on the couch laughing. Around them are white line-drawing of refrigerator, washing machine, and air conditioner.

Core Tech: Difference at the Core - Washing Machines

Core Tech, the heart and soul of all LG Home Appliances,

is created through innovative technologies.


At our products' core, performance-defining innovation lies in the technologies of Inverter Linear Compressor™ in refrigerators, Inverter DirectDrive™ in washing machines, and DUAL Inverter Compressor™ in air conditioners.


It's not just about the essential tech and components.

It's what LG is committed to, unwaveringly, for our customers,

It's what we've built from the ground up to set ourselves apart from others.

It's what has earned the trust of our customers over the years.


Now, as we all shape towards sustainable lifestyles,

LG Core Tech, too, evolves with us.


Core Tech is the foundation of our technology representing

our perspectives and philosophy,

and dedicated to culture tech that will create a better environment for all.

Washing machine, refrigerator, and air conditioner come with each key component.

LG Inverter DirectDrive™, powering laundry innovation

LG pioneered the Direct Drive Motor, consistently delighting consumers and evolving through three generations while maintaining its credibility. Now, merging our motor expertise with AI, LG's commitment to technology leadership ensures ongoing innovation excellence.

There is a washing machine in the laundry room, and there is an Iverter DirectDrive motor next to it.

Our tech excellence

LG has revolutionised the Direct Drive washing machine from when it was first commercialised in 1998 until the present. LG Inverter DirectDrive™ continues to evolve with 6 Motion DD™ and Deep-learning AI DD™ through nonstop research and development. As a result of this continuous innovation, LG washing machines have received positive reviews from leading magazines and retailers such as Consumer Reports in the USA, Which in the UK, and FNAC DARTY in France.


*As of the end of February 2023

**Results of the internal investigation of registered patents (as of Mar 26, 2021): DD-related registered patents among applications from 1997 to 2021 (Maintenance of rights + waiver + expiration)

***Based on LG’s own developed and produced products (Results of the internal investigation)

A decade of peace of mind 

Need a washing machine built to last for your family?

Unlike a LG Conventional motor separated by belts, the DD motor’s simplified design with fewer parts enhances durability. With a long-lasting build, LG offers an extensive 10-year warranty for guaranteed performance. We've got you covered so breakdowns don't slow you down.

The family is smiling in front of the washing machine, and there is a drawing around the washing machine expressing the sparkle with a green line.

*The 10-year warranty is on the Direct Drive motor only.

The quiet magic of cozy nighttime laundry 

Want the convenience of washing clothes on your own schedule?

Connecting the motor directly to the washing machine not only reduces the number of parts but also noise. Components such as springs, friction dampers, balance weights, and vibration sensors work together to lower the vibration and noise. So, forget about distractions and have fun while your washing machine runs.

There is a washing machine behind the family watching TV.

*Tested by F4V9RWR2E model.

**Tested by LG internal Lab on March 2022. The results may be different depending on the environment.

***Based on sound pressure level.

****Source : National Noise Information System (

Energy savings to put a smile on your face

Frequently washing dirty soccer uniforms, muddy jeans, and sticky baby clothes?

The Inverter DirectDrive™ gives you an easy way to save energy with precision control inverter technology. Upgrade your washing machine to enjoy lower bills and less stress.

The father is pushing the child in the laundry basket. Around them are light bulb that symbolize energy saving, leaf and flower that symbolize nature.

Big capacity, big savings, big comfort

Dream of having your weekends back with less laundry to do?

The Inverter DirectDrive™ increases the size of the internal drum through vibration reduction technologies such as connecting direct power on to the drum, friction dampers, balance weights, and vibration sensors. It saves on bills and conserves water by washing more clothes at once. Your laundry piles disappear faster, giving you more free time.

Looks that feel hand-washed with care

Want to experience an active life with your family without laundry worries?


Unlike washing machines that move in just one or two constant motios, 6 Motion DD™ adjusts its motor speed precisely for each program, moving the tub in multiple directions to replicate a handwashing motion. Now you can wash even the dirtiest of kids' clothes with ease with sixunique washing motions.

Tailored to perfection for your fabrics

Tailored to perfection for your fabrics

LG’s exclusive Deep-learning AI DD™ detects the load weight and softness of fabrics. It determines optimal washing patterns from six motions to customize cleaning and fabric protection based on 20,000 Big Data points using Deep-learning AI technology. Wear your favorites like new for longer, wash after wash.

Deep-learning AI DD™ can achieve optimal wash results by being gentle on delicate fabrics and more aggressive on heavily stained or soiled fabrics. This reduces fabric damage by 18%* for front loaders and 24%* for top loaders. First in the consumer electronics industry to receive Deep Learning AI Verification from global independent safety science company UL****.

Each fabric looks enlarged in the order of underwear, shirt, and jeans, and two motion icons are drawn for each fabric.

*F4V9RWP2W: width models: 18%, tested by Intertek on March 2019, Cotton(Normal) program with default option compared to conventional washer with default option, based on 2kg of soft/delicate load like lingerie, blouse and etc.

**T13H7EHDSTP: 24%, tested by Intertek on May 2022, AI Wash cycle compared to Normal cycle with default option, based on 3kg of IEC.

***The results may be different depending on the clothes and environment.

****FX23****, FX24****, FX25****, W20**** - 1st asterisk * denotes exterior color and can be A to Z; - 2nd asterisk * denotes specification (e.g. color, having steam function or not) and can be A to Z; - 3rd & 4th asterisk * denotes manufacturing site and can be A to Z or 0 to 9 or blank; WM6*00H*A, WM5500H*A, TS25****, TS24****, TA25*X***, TA24*X***, T25*X***, T24*X***, T**H*******, T23*X***, T21*X***, T19*X***, T18*X***, T**H*******, T17*X***, T**H*******, T**L******* -The asterisk * can be 0 to 9, or A to Z, on exterior changes and specifications not related to the performance covered by this assessment. F*21****,F*19**** -The asterisk * can be 0 to 9, or A to Z, on exterior changes and specifications not related to the performance covered by this assessment.

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