Smart Laundry with LG's AI Washing Machines: Efficient Spin Cycles & Beyond


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Finding the perfect washing machine cycle for each load can be a trial-and-error process, often making laundry a tedious task. However, advancements in technology, particularly Artificial Intelligence (AI), have simplified this chore. AI washing machines utilise sensors and algorithms to automatically determine the right wash cycle for your laundry, and smart connectivity allows you to manage your wash settings from your smartphone. In this article, we will explore LG's range of AI-powered Smart Washing Machines, highlighting their key features and uses.


Introducing LG’s full range of AI-powered Smart Washing Machines



While this all may seem very technical, and perhaps a bit complicated, the AI features on LG’s range of Smart Washing Machines are very easy to use. Each model is designed with a user-friendly interface, ensuring seamless navigation of each AI feature. This includes a large dial display with built-in controls that make tailoring your laundry routine more convenient than ever. 

AI Wash Features Explained



LG’s AI-powered Smart Washing Machines come with an array of different smart features to elevate your laundry routine. 

AI DD™ Technology


LG's Smart Washing Machines with AI DD™ technology use sensors to determine the right settings for your wash based on the weight and softness of the fabric in the load.  Using its massive database of washing patterns and fabric types, the AI technology pulls information to alter its settings to perfectly suit the load, saving you time and preventing your clothes from damage.


TurboWash™ & TurboWash™360° Technology


LG's Smart Washing Machines with TurboWash™ technology uses small, but powerful 3D washer hoses to reduce cycle lengths, without skipping out on performance. These multi-nozzle jets are omni-directional, so they clean every inch of your wash thoroughly, and quickly, with the ability to complete a cycle in just 39 minutes! 

ThinQ Technology


ThinQ is LG’s smart home appliance hub. It works by connecting your washing machine to your smartphone via the ThinQ app, allowing you to monitor your wash on your phone, no matter where you are!


You can also download customised wash cycles on the ThinQ app, making finding the right cycle for delicate fabric types easier than ever! ThinQ’s smart features don’t just end at remote control and monitoring, it also allows you to manage your wash with voice control technology.


This works with voice-activated AI speakers. By asking your washer, “What stage of the cycle is my wash?”, the AI will listen, and then verify the cycle for you. Simple!


ThinQ is not only upgrading your laundry game but making your house smarter too.


To connect your washing machine to ThinQ, simply


·        Download the ThinQ app from the App Store or Google Play store.

·        Use the in-app scanner to scan the QR code on your washing machine, or home appliance (Models without a QR code can be set up by entering their serial number into the ThinQ app).

·        After scanning the QR code, follow a few simple in-app setup steps and that’s it! Your device is registered and you’re ready to manage your washing, no matter where you are!*


*For further instructions and more information on connecting your other home appliance to the ThinQ app, check out our support guides!

ezDispense™ Technology


LG’s Smart Washing Machines with ezDispense™ simplifies your laundry game by using auto-dispense technology to detect the right amount of detergent and fabric softener based on the wash cycle and load size. This saves you time and potentially money by ensuring the best cleaning results without the hassle of manual measuring or overusing any products.


Still wondering about the LG’s full range of AI Smart Washing Machine features? Check out our washer FAQs

Mastering the AI Spin Cycle


The spin cycle is an integral part of any wash. So, when it comes to updating your laundry process, mastering the cycles of a spin washer is a must. This is because its various functions and cycles will impact the outcome of your wash, as well as result in different laundry outcomes. So having an understanding each function, and its significance in the washing process, is crucial. 

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Some of these main washer spin cycle features include:

Water Removal


One of the key features of the spin cycle is to remove any excess water from the drum after the wash has finished. This works by the high speed of the spin cycle pushing any residual water out of the clothes and then draining the water. This stops the now clean clothes from getting dirty again by being washed in stagnant water. 


The water removal feature of a spin cycle helps to shorten wash times because it reduces any moisture that may be left in the load. A spin cycle’s water removal feature also helps to prevent the growth of mildew, which can not only cause musty smells and odours, but also damage fabrics. 


Fabric Care


An important feature for washing machines is having a range of spin different speeds. This is to accommodate different types of fabrics. Different fabrics need different washes in terms, of wash speed and water temperature to protect them from damage.


Delicate fabrics, like wool or silk may require a slower spin speed to prevent damage, whereas more durable fabrics, like denim or cotton, can handle higher spin speeds. 


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Spin Speed


The faster the spin speed, the more water is extracted from the washing machine drum. This results in shorter drying times, which makes a fast spin cycle a great option if you’re in a time pinch. However, faster spin speeds are more likely to cause damage to your clothes, so it’s important to mindful of using this cycle when washing delicate fabrics.

Cycle Length


For heavier loads, or those that require a very thorough cleaning, a longer spin cycle is optimal. This is because a longer cycle duration allows for more time to remove water. Again, it is important to be mindful of delicate fabrics, or washes that require a less thorough clean, as longer cycles can be too harsh on these loads, causing potential damage. 

Load Size


The size and distribution of your laundry load is very important when choosing the correct spin cycle. This is because washer machines need to be able to properly distribute the load in their drum for effective cleaning and spinning. Uneven loads can also cause excess vibrations during a wash cycle, which may result in damage to the machine itself.


Finding the right spin cycle to suit your wash is so important for not only efficient cleaning and fabric protection, but also for potentially saving you time, energy, and money. This is why an LG washing machine with smart AI DD™ technology is the easy choice to take your laundry routine to the next level.


With LG’s full range of Smart Washing machines with AI features like AI DD™ and smart washing features like TurboWash™, ThinQ or ezDispense™ Technology, you can experience unparalleled  convenience, efficiency, and performance.


So why not step up your laundry game and experience the transformative power of AI in your own home? With LG's innovative Smart Washing Machines, achieving cleaner, fresher clothes has never been easier!


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