Must-Have Travel Gadgets for Tech-Forward Journeys


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Traveling offers a range of experiences, from city breaks and tropical beaches to alpine and jungle adventures, creating lasting memories. However, it can sometimes be stressful. Having the right technology, such as noise-cancelling earbuds, a portable speaker, a streaming device for entertainment during long journeys, or an ultralight laptop for remote work, can greatly enhance your travel experience, making the right gadgets indispensable for modern travellers.




Discover our guide to the best LG travel gadgets available for seamless travel, containing:




·        Elevating your sound experience with wireless noise cancelling earbuds


·        Making your sound go the distance with a portable travel speaker


·        Portable screens for on-the-go entertainment and work


·        Work and play from anywhere with an ultralightweight laptop


·        Travel essential and tips to make the most of your devices while travelling

Must-Have Travel Gear for Tech-Savvy Adventurers



Whether you're a digital nomad, remote worker, or just looking to stay connected, this lineup of must have travel gear will keep you fully charged and entertained no matter where your travels take you. Noise-cancelling earbuds, portable speakers, lightweight laptops, and portable monitors are just a few of the modern roadtrip essentials.


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Noise Cancelling Earbuds: LG Tone Free T90S



When it comes to must-have travel technology, the perfect set of noise-cancelling headphones or earbuds are non-negotiable.


For tech-savvy travellers, a great pair of noise-cancelling earbuds is an absolute must. The LG TONE Free T90S earbuds are the perfect portable audio companion. These Bluetooth, cord-free buds block out distracting sounds with improved Active Noise Cancellation - ideal for noisy travel environments like airports or city streets.


But the T90S does more than just cancel noise. Ambient Mode lets important announcements or conversations come through clearly with a tap. The buds also provide immersive Dolby Atmos surround sound with head tracking for an ultra-realistic listening experience. The upgraded Dolby Head TrackingTM finds the location of the sound as you turn your head, and recalibrates to enable a more spatial sound experience, resulting in immersive audio, making them a perfect choice for tech-savvy travellers.


What distinguishes these earbuds is their exclusive Plug & Wireless functionality, enabling effortless switching between wired and wireless modes for unparalleled versatility. Even in environments without Bluetooth support, you can easily connect the charging case to any device with a 3.5mm headphone jack using the included USB-C to AUX cable, seamlessly transmitting audio to your earbuds. Additionally, the innovative UVNano function sanitises the speaker mesh in the earbuds , ensuring hygiene on the go.


Crafted from lightweight, durable graphene, the T90S stays comfortable for all-day wear without compromising audio quality. And the wireless charging case rapidly recharges the buds for up to an hour of use from just 5 minutes of charging. With features geared for travellers, LG's TONE Free earbuds let you enjoy your music, movies and calls uninterrupted no matter where you roam.

Portable Speakers: LG XBOOM Go XG8T


Whether you're backpacking through Europe or lounging on a tropical island, taking a portable speaker on your travels can add an extra element of enjoyment to your journey.


The LG XBOOM Go XG8T is the ultimate portable travel speaker. Thanks to its long-lasting battery life, the LG XBOOM Go XG8T has up to 15 hours of play time. So, you can take powerful sound with you on the go, wherever your journey may take you next.


The XBOOM Go XG8T’s Hybrid Strap makes transporting your speaker a breeze. The strap is made from soft yet durable fabric that’s length can be adjusted to be carried on your shoulder or, or to be converted to a shorter easy-grip handle.


The LG XBOOM Go XG8T portable speaker also boasts military-grade strength and durability, meaning you never have to worry about it getting damaged in your suitcase or backpack along the way. This also makes it the perfect portable speaker for any outdoor occasion, as the LG XBOOM Go XG8T portable speaker has passed seven military standard tests and has an IP 67 rating, which means its dust and water repellent.

Portable Screens and Travel Monitors: LG StanbyME Go


Portable screens, or travel monitors, are great travel gadgets when it comes to keeping yourself entertained on a long flight, train journey, or waiting at an airport. Portable travel screens are super versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes while travelling. From entertainment, like watching films and TV shows to playing games, to being the ultimate remote working companion.


The LG StanbyME Go Portable Screen is the ultimate travel companion. This 27-inch touchscreen display is built into a briefcase, making it easy to move and store, and the ultimate portable screen for on-the-go entertainment. The case itself is engineered with Worry-Free Design. Verified with military-grade testing, this portable screen is ultra-durable. Meaning it can withstand any bumps and thumps without risk of damage.


Experience cinematic immersion on the go like never before with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, transforming any location into a private cinema for streaming movies, even while traveling. Moreover, no matter where your travels take you, the LG StanbyME Go’s 3-hour built-in battery lets you enjoy movies, games and more without interruption. The LG StanbyME Go’s is also a good travel gadget because of its Auto Brightness Control, making it the perfect indoor-outdoor portable screen. Whether you’re winding down at night after a long day of exploring a new city, or using it on a sunny beach, the screen will automatically adjust its brightness in line with your surroundings.


Lightweight Laptops: LG gram 2in1


When it comes to travel gadgets, the more lightweight and portable, the better. Compact, yet durable, the LG gram 2in1 is the ideal travel laptop and allows you to work from anywhere.


The LG gram 2in1 comes with two screen sizes, 14” or 16”. Both models are ultralightweight, making is easy to stay within strict weight restrictions on airlines. Travelling often involves a lot of walking around, so a lightweight laptop is not only more convenient for storing in a backpack, but it also helps to avoid any physical strain that may be caused by lugging around a heavier model.


Despite its ultralight and compact exterior, The LG gram 2in1 also boasts a powerful 12th gen. Intel® Core™ Processors, ensuring you don’t have to sacrifice performance for size. In fact, this small but mighty lightweight laptop even has a high-capacity battery that can last 18.5 hours, making it an essential gadget for travellers.


The LG gram 2in1 ultralightweight laptop has 360˚ Touch Display, simply flip the 360˚hinge and switch from a laptop to a tablet, and everything in between. But the gram's versatility doesn't stop there. It also comes with a Wacom Active 2.0 x LG Stylus Pen, great for taking notes, sketching landscapes, or working on creative projects during long transit days. 


Essential Travel Tech Tips

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Now that you’re fully equipped with the best in LG’s gadgets for hassle-free travel, here are some tips to use them most effectively: 

Road trip Essentials: Power and Connectivity

Portable Chargers


Although devices like the LG StanbyMe Go, LG gram 2in1 and TONE Free earbuds have a long battery life , carrying a portable charger with you ensures you're never caught without power. Your gadgets aren’t just used for entertainment on your travels, they can also contain important documents, like booking confirmations, tickets, or visas. They are also communication devices, so having a portable charger to ensure your device is never without power is a must.


The water removal feature of a spin cycle helps to shorten wash times because it reduces any moisture that may be left in the load. A spin cycle’s water removal feature also helps to prevent the growth of mildew, which can not only cause musty smells and odours, but also damage fabrics. 


Universal Adapters


Another must-have travel accessory is a universal travel adapter. Different countries use different types of plugs and power outlets, so having a universal travel adaptor ensures that you can charge your devices anywhere in the world.




Organisation and Security on The Go

Travel Organisers


Using tech-friendly travel organisers can only make your trip that bit more seamless. Travel organisers for your electronics or cables are great for packing efficiently, especially if you’re backpacking or traveling out of smaller carry-on luggage. Travel-friendly sleeves and cases for your portable screens, laptops or earphones are also great for protecting your devices while traveling. 

Digital Security while Travelling


When working remotely or accessing sensitive info while traveling, data security is paramount. LG gram laptops pack an array of innovative privacy and protection features perfect for digital nomads and road warriors.


The laptop protection suite safeguards against visual hacking with multi-layered defences. Presence Detection automatically turns off the display when you walk away, preventing prying eyes. If working in a public space, Smart Display blurs the screen when you look away, while Privacy Alert warns you if someone is attempting to snoop over your shoulder. And Privacy Guard takes it a step further by completely obscuring your screen if visual hacking is detected.


LG gram also includes a fingerprint reader for biometric security, ensuring only you can access the device and your data. For extra physical protection, the Kensington lock slot lets you secure the laptop when stepping away at airports, hotels, or cafes.


With this comprehensive suite of security utilities, LG gram gives mobile professionals and frequent travellers confidence that their digital lives stay private no matter where they roam. You can work on sensitive projects or access personal accounts worry-free.


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Discover the Best in LG’s Travel Gadgets for Your Next Adventure


Explore LG's full range of cutting-edge technology and appliances designed to enhance your travel experience. From the noise-cancelling LG TONE Free T90 earbuds and the LG StanbyME Go's portable movie capabilities, to the flexible, ultra-transportable LG gram 2in1 laptop, and the durable, water-resistant LG XBOOM XG8T portable speaker , LG has everything you need to make your journey smoother and more memorable.


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