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The ultimate gaming accessories for your LG Monitor


The ultimate gaming accessories for your LG Monitor

Discover which gaming accessories will help you get the very most from your LG Monitor, bringing you even closer to the action and helping you gain a competitive edge.

When it comes to gaming, purchasing the right monitor can make a world of difference and elevate every aspect of your experience. In fact, an LG Gaming Monitor can help bring the virtual world to life thanks to high-speed refresh rates, motion blur reduction and a wide range of clear colours. 


So whether you enjoy tackling the challenges of single player classics like Devil May Cry, or you prefer competitive online titles such as PUBG and Rocket League, an LG Monitor will immerse you completely into every game and help you respond to the most difficult challenges.  


But it is not just LG’s innovative collection of monitors that are a complete game changer. There are also an array of accessories that can bring you closer to the action and help you gain that vital edge over your rivals. 


Read on ahead for the best gaming accessories for Twitch streamers, PC warriors and more.


Headphones that enhance your senses

In the world of competitive gaming, gaining even the slightest advantage over your opponent is crucial, especially if you want your squad to emerge victorious in a game of Apex Legends. Therefore, choosing the right headphones is crucial, especially in first person shooters. 


There is no shortage of options but pairing a LG 34" 21:9 Curved UltraWide Gaming Monitor with some 7.1 surround sound headphones combines the clearest of pictures and fastest refresh rates with impeccable sound. The dedicated drivers in these headphones mean you can pick up the faintest of noises and know exactly where your enemy is coming from. Ensure you also purchase a pair with a microphone so you can help your teammates or simply gloat after victory.

The ultimate gaming accessories for your LG Monitor

Make more room with a monitor mount

If you want to take your gaming setup to the next level, then a monitor mount is a must. Available in various sizes to fit any screen, this crucial accessory allows you to get the perfect screen position thanks to a variety of adjustments. It will help to free up desk space and reduce fatigue for those long gaming sessions. 


As well as being able to adjust the height, a mount will also enable your monitor to be rotated to any angle you want. That means you can make full use of the screen in a horizontal or vertical position – ideal for a game of Tetris or other arcade classics. 

The ultimate gaming accessories for your LG Monitor

A mouse with style and substance

You have an immaculate picture thanks to your LG monitor and you can hear every single movement thanks to your 7.1 surround sound headphones. Now, you need to be able to react with a highly sensitive and ergonomic gaming mouse. 


A long way from the cheap plastic mouse that comes with most PCs, a gaming mouse is built from high-quality materials and feature sensors that have been engineered to ensure event the slightest movement will be tracked with precision. This is crucial when in the heat of an online battle your every swipe of the mouse needs to be impeccable. The rubberised grips and domed designs will ensure it sits comfortably in the hand so you can play for hour after hour. 


And if you are looking for even more of a competitive edge, then look for a mouse with a high CPI (counts per inch) as this reads the tracking surface more frequently and therefore delivers incredibly precise movement. Pair this with the LG 34" UltraWide Curved.


Gaming Monitor with G-SYNC, which has customised modes for specific game types, and you will be almost unstoppable.

The ultimate gaming accessories for your LG Monitor

A mouse pad that makes a difference

One gaming accessory that is often overlooked is the mouse pad, yet it can help elevate every aspect of your gaming experience. At one time simply a slick surface with a branded logo, now mouse pads feature RGB lighting, offer wireless charging and high-thread counts for extremely precise movement. 


While RGB lighting is more of a style choice, choosing a gaming mouse pad with a low-friction finish and a non-slip surface for the base will allow for quicker and more accurate tracking. This, combined with the LG monitor’s G-SYNC technology, which features a high refresh rate of 120Hz, means you can enjoy a smooth and seamless gaming experience.

Make the move to a mechanical keyboard

Should you use your computer for some serious gaming sessions, then the last thing you want is a traditional office keyboard. Especially if you fancy yourself an e-sport extraordinaire or want to become a Battle Royale master. 


Now most gamers opt for a mechanical keyboard thanks to them being more tactile and offering audible feedback when you press a key. That is because there is a physical switch underneath each key that sends a signal to the PC. It may not sound that remarkable, but this solid keystroke can lead to you typing much quicker as you learn to release the button when the noise is made, rather then when there is no more resistance. 


A gaming keyboard like this is also far more durable and is less likely to slide across the desk even if you become frustrated and begin to hammer the keys.

The ultimate gaming accessories for your LG Monitor

Stream or record with a webcam

With the rise of streaming sites such as Twitch and YouTube, the ability to capture content has become increasingly important. Whether you have millions of subscribers or simply want to show your friends your skills, purchasing a webcam is vital. 


Not only will a webcam allow you to stream and record in 1080p, but if you are gaming on an LG 32" 4K UHD IPS LED Monitor with HDR10, then there are some options that will allow you to stream the incredibly crisp picture in 4K. 


As well as remarkable image quality, the best webcams will also perform well in low light conditions, ideal for a late night gaming session, and have a wide field of view combined with great autofocus. That way, you won’t have to worry about the quality of your stream and can instead focus on your game.   

The ultimate gaming accessories for your LG Monitor

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* LG’s G-SYNC and UltraWide are trademarks of LG Electronics, used under license.

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