A washing machine is at the center of the room. A woman walks by with a basket of laundry.

Powerful Wash with Improved Protection and Care for Fabrics

A black washer sits facing front with a stack of sweaters and blankets to the left and the AIDD logo with a light blue circle around it on top.

Intelligent Wash with Improved Fabric Protection

Keep clothes looking new for longer with LG AI DD technology providing 18% more fabric protection by detecting fabric softness and adjusting the wash pattern to provide an ideal wash.

LG's next-generation direct drive motor makes intelligence-based laundry a reality by leveraging big data.

To recognize fabric softness and applying the optimal washing pattern, leading to 18% more fabric protection.


A video shows a white washer sitting at an angle in a room with a basket full of linen next to it. Six icons representing the different motions of the washer for optimal washing fade onto the screen. The LG 6 Motion logo is at the upper right of the six icons.

Optimal Wash for Fabrics

Maximise the cleaning performance with different wash motions including rolling, stepping, scrubbing, tumble, filtration and swinging with LG’s 6Motion technology.

The top view of the washer is shown with the control panel and beside it is the 10 Year Warranty logo and the Inverter DirectDrive logo.The logos have a ray of light glide over them to shine as it does.

Designed to Perform, Built to Last 10+ Years

Providing long-lasting performance, the LG washing machines come with a 10-year Direct Drive motor warranty.

A side view of the washer sits to one side with a dog and a woman on her phone on the other side.

Good Work Goes Unnoticed

Powerful doesn't have to mean noisy. The LG Inverter Direct Drive Motor™ runs smoothly and quietly.

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