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Brand Colors

At our core, LG has always been a red brand. That is still true today.
However, we’ve built outwards from our core to give our identity flex.
Incorporating ‘Active Red’ and neutral colors so we can
create excitement and restore balance when we need to.

  • Active Red
  • #FD312E
  • R253 G49 B46
  • C0 M97 Y95 K0
  • PMS 2034C
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  • Heritage Red
  • #A50034
  • R165 G0 B52
  • C0 M100 Y62 K22
  • PMS 207C
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  • Warm Grey
  • #F0ECE4
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  • White
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  • Black
  • #000000
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Color System

We can dial up and down our core palette to help express ourselves differently
across touchpoints – from feeling calm, to bold and immersive.
Our primary colorway is highly recognizable and is our most used combination.

Color System 01


When static, we have four gradient assets going from light to dark.
Each has a unique look and feel, which can be selected
depending on the context or tone.


Light Mode Usage Only