LG EI Font Download Assets

Our Font

The LG EI font is a dedicated typeface that communicates our design philosophy of
‘Emotionally Intelligent Design’. The overall form of the font is geometric,
and the external circle represents the innovative technology we create.
The rounded edges inside the font and the strokes inspired by handwriting
symbolize the elements of warmth and emotion we aspire to embody.

LG EI Headline

The LG EI Headline font has been developed to inherit elements from the new design
philosophy (Emotionally Intelligent) and LG Smart font, while also addressing the
shortcomings of the existing font by increasing visibility and incorporating design trends.

LG EI Text

The LG EI Text is the replaced name for the LG Smart UI font. The new LG EI text
addresses the shortcomings of the existing Smart font with better legibility.

Bringing it to life

Our typeface has different roles in different contexts but all uniquely LG.
We strive for consistency and recognition when using our new typeface.