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Enhancing your life with LG's products comes with great values, benefits, promise and personality. Innovation for a better life. 

Consumer product

Consumer product

Kitchen solution

Well-known for quality, reliability and energy efficiency, LG kitchen appliances offer a superior experience with innovative technology such as InstaView™ and UVnano for the ultimate convenience and hygiene in the kitchen.

Living appliances

LG's living appliances come in innovative form factors coupled with unrivaled washing and cleaning performances, offering innovative features such as Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive™ (AI DD) and TrueSteam™. Designed to meet consumers’ various lifestyle, the powerful CordZero vacuum Cleaner series takes care of the cleaning with maximum efficiency and ease.

Air solution

With a wide range of residential air conditioners and air purifiers to keep spaces pleasant and clean, our air solutions are also certified by international organizations for the effectiveness in reducing dust and allergens in the air.

Home entertainment 

We have created an exciting, diverse range of Lifestyle Screen TVs that delivers differentiated value and new spatial and interior-design freedom to enhance the customer experience.


With a diverse and powerful LG gram laptops’ lineup, LG gram continues the perfect balance of power and portability.

From entertainment to productivity, our advanced monitors, displays and projectors – backed by the latest LG technologies – enhance the viewing experience at home and in the workplace.

Business solutions

Micro LED signage

Our Micro LED displays, named
LG MAGNIT, use millions of self-emissive,
micrometer-scale pixels to create images of exceptional vibrancy and depth. Designed to deliver next-level viewing experiences, LG MAGNIT solutions are suitable for various business and residential environments. 

Digital signage solutions

With a diverse range of cutting-edge offerings designed for various types of venues, our digital signage solutions are helping the company’s global customers find innovative ways to reach their audiences. We also provide remote monitoring and content management solutions for convenient signage management.

Robots as a solution

Our advanced robots are capable of providing specialized assistance in diverse industries, including hospitality, retail, security and healthcare. 


Innovation partner for future mobility

We are leading the future of mobility with innovative technology integrated with the company’s consumer electronics and IT capabilities, transforming the in-vehicle experience beyond our expectations.

Driving better future mobility

The LG Vehicle component Solutions Company is bringing human-centric innovations to the auto industry.

Having secured its position as a trusted and innovative partner, the company continues to provide intelligent and environmentally responsible solutions including in-vehicle infotainment, connectivity and automotive vision systems.