Introducing Our Logo

Full of personality, our smiling logo signals humanity and intelligence.
We always use it with confidence. It's what makes us feel uniquely LG.

Primary Logo

For instant recognition

Logo Color

We have a number of color variants of our logo lockup.
These combinations ensure we can use them against our gradients,
photographic backgrounds and flat colors without compromising legibility.

Light Background

Logo Spacing
and Partnerships

When using our logo, follow the guidance for clear space so that
it always appears confident and legible. When using it alongside another logo,
refer to our partnership template to ensure equal balance of both logo's.

Digital Logo Play

This is our symbol brought to life with emotion and interaction.
It moves with a warm and witty attitude, is designed for the future
and adapts to consumers' moods and needs.

Digital Logo Play

Allows us to engage and tell stories
  • Appearing

  • Bobbing to music

  • Bowing

  • Look around

  • Amazed

  • Spinning

  • Nodding

  • Wink